Fredagsguf: The "Babes of Baby Driver" Issue

Det er blevet fredag og derfor endnu engang tid til fredagens højdepunkt, nemlig Fredagsguf!

Fredagsguf: The "Babes of Baby Driver" Issue

Hvis du endnu ikke har set Baby Driver, så er det bare om at få bestilt biografbilletterne hurtigst mulig til det, der ifølge vores anmelder er årets bedste og mest unikke actionfilm. Udover hæsblæsende biler og skruppelløse gangstere finder du også to vanvittigt smukke damer deri. 28-årige Lily James og 27-årige Eiza Gonzalez spiller henholdsvis den søde pige, vores hovedperson, Baby, forelsker sig i, og en af bankrøvernes bedre halvdel, som Baby skal forsøge at få i sikkerhed efter de kup, han som flugtbilist er en del af. Værsgo!

Thank you @variety for this photoshoot. I couldn't pick one, I had never seen such a view!! It describes exactly how everything feels right now. A fairytale ?couldn't be more grateful and humbled. ? #babydrivermovie

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Thank you @wmag for talking to me about Baby Driver .. which in case I hadn't mentioned yet is out today!Nd @a_m_casey for the photos. #wmagazine ? @kateleemakeup and @hairbyadir magic x

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Had a beautiful chat for @byrdiebeauty shot by the incredible @sylvescollessss Discussed keeping things in perspective, why finding spirituality is important to stay balanced and crystal dildos because why not??? Link on bio !! Thanks guys ?

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Yes @eizagonzalez ladies of baby driver ..... Eiza you're a goddess. @babydrivermovie #babydriver @burberry ?

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I fell in love with Lynn and Stefano as soon as I met them at a luncheon for women supporting other women. I was sold. They spoke beautifully of the honorees and surrounded them with other women who serve as mentors to us. Thank you for being such a supportive magazine of emerging talent and women! I couldn't the more honored to be part of your spread. @wmag shot by the talented @brunostaub #babydriver #babydrivermovieu

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June gloom ... in @hellessy by @kateleemakeup @hairbyadir ?? and always @rebeccacorbinmurray xx

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?BABY DRIVER? @marchesafashion @makeupvincent @studio_brisker @anitapatrickson #babydrivermovie

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Girls @eizagonzalez #babydriver

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The ONE [email protected] BABY DRIVER LA PREMIERE #babydrivermovie

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Beautiful night @debeersofficial . The diamonds picked me! The diamond on my finger is U for unique and is older then the stars... thank you for a lovely night exploring your rocks. #debeerslondon #thehomeofdiamonds @christopherkane thank you this equally sparkly number. @marygreenwell @earlsimms2 @rebeccacorbinmurray ???

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Miami!!! I had a blast chatting with you at Q&A Screening for #BAbyDriverMovie ! Thrilled to hear your love for the movie. Gracias mi gente! Don't miss it out JUNE 28th????

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Thank you so much @voguemagazine and @metmuseum for such a special evening. And the TEAM @Burberry ?? @rebeccacorbinmurray @jennstreicher @streicherhair #metgala

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???BABY DRIVER ???Outfit: Armani Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood Jewelry: Jennifer Meyer #babydrivermovie

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???? BABY DRIVER ???LA Press day wearing Outfit: Lela Rose Shoes: Tory Burch Jewelry: Jennifer Meyer Purse: Aspinal of London #babydrivermovie

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@Burberry party

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@Latina cover shoot. Styled @anitapatrickson makeup @amyoresman hair @sheridanwardhair photographed @alvinkeanwong #eizaonlatina

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I lost my father very young, but not young enough to not be aware of what was going on. My father an I had an amazing relationship we were very close. I fell into a very dark place and I really couldn't deal with (the) loss. That's when I started eating excessively and gained weight, I was very sad. I wasn't in a good place. I wouldn't say I had an eating disorder, I would say I was going through depression. And I share it because it's important for me for others to know that it's ok. It's ok to no be ok. You grow from being broken and you heal, it gets better. You just have to believe in the brokenness in order to find the beauty of it. I like to remind everyone that we have something that unites us, and that'sthat we've all lost, been broken or been vulnerable. There's nothing to be ashamed of. " #EizaOnLatina @latina

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She's a mess of gorgeous chaos... you can see it in her eyes.

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Thank you @ginakanemakeup @perrinerougemonthair @rebeccacorbinmurray ?? @noorfares these earrings too :)

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@esquedachris Los Angeles, CA.

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