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Lada Kravchenko: Bikini-glad russisk blondine

Lidt øjeguf til dit Instagram-feed!

Navn: Lada Kravchenko

Alder: 27 år

Hjemsted: Rusland

Modeljobs: Playboy

Instagram: 113k følgere

Denne gang har vi vendt næsen med Rusland, hvor den underskønne Kravchenko dukkede op på radaren. Hun har en forkærlighed for lingeri og bikinier, hvilket (heldigvis) også kommer til udtryk på hendes Instagram.

Se hendes bedste skud herunder!

Last one from that story I promise). Shot by @thekandelstudio

Et opslag delt af Lada Krav (@lada_k_) den

How I casually stroll in the agency? by @victorrobertof Now it?s the time to give you answers for my yesterday?s quiz!??? The wrong ones were 3,4,8. Who guessed it? My BFF @elenazzaro17 sexy brunette on the pic;) and @alex_selkirk My sister @key_ekaterina got close tho. 1) Yes, I really graduated from the tech university and my specialization is database systems and data analysis. 2) My favorite book is the Picture of Dorian Gray, and I?ve even got this amazing 1931 copy. 3) Despite my huge love for basket I can?t play myself. Really miserable on the court???? 4) I?ve never been to Japan. My first gig happened to be in Hong Kong, China. 5) Yes, I?ve been married twice. You can see my lovely second ex-husband, dunno what happened to the first one?? 6) Working in Italian restaurant taught me how to cook. Forever grateful? 7) My type is dark eyed men. Don?t say I?ve never made exceptions... 8) way. Steph Curry is the best tho, I?m a Warriors fan. 9) My first jump happened in 2015...since then I?m on the 6th and counting. 10) Yes, I?m superstitious. And I check horoscopes. And believe in signs. And destiny.

Et opslag delt af Lada Krav (@lada_k_) den

About a year ago I?ve shot this image for @playboy USA. It was a tough period in my life and my body was much thicker than it normally is. Which, ladies know what I?m talking about, is a reason for itself to be even more sad and depressed. Anyway, being the Playmate of the month was something I really really wanted for myself. I remember the celebration I threw when the news broke. That shoot was one of the best days of my life, so happy I was to be there. And with the happiness came confidence. At that moment I felt sexy and strong and full of fire and drive. And the thing is - looking now at these images I don?t see some extra fat here and there...I don?t see extra pounds...I see a woman who loves herself. So I wish all of you to have these moments of joy, when however wrong things go, you find a strength to be truly excited about something. Promise you, it will take you a long way and you?ll become your own role model and an inspiration?

Et opslag delt af Lada Krav (@lada_k_) den

Fresh polas @wilhelminamodels ??????

Et opslag delt af Lada Krav (@lada_k_) den

Happy Friday? By @victorrobertof

Et opslag delt af Lada Krav (@lada_k_) den


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