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Lovende fanteori: Sådan hænger Infinity War og Captain Marvel sammen

Doctor Strange og hans Masterplan!

Infinity War er så småt ved at være kølet af i sin episke tur gennem biografen, men fans spekulerer stadigvæk i, hvordan det hele kommer til at udvikle sig i Avengers 4.

SPOILERS herunder, hvis du ikke har set Infinity War!

En ny fanteori på Reddit har kastet nyt lys over, hvordan vi måske kan få bekræftet, at Doctor Stranges masterplan involverer Captain Marvel.

Vi tager lige en genopfrisker her først:

His sacrifice of the Time Stone for Tony Stark’s life and his look into all of the possible futures create some possibilities for the next film. Seeing how Strange has used the Eye of Agamotto to control time in his own film, changing the outcome of Dormammu’s invasion in the process. The point here is that he controlled time and even though his moment in Infinity War seems short, it could represent an infinite amount of time for Strange to do whatever he needs to do to ensure the one time the heroes win against Thanos becomes a reality.

Og nu er vi så klar til at kigge nærmere på teorien:

Doctor strange knows what happens in the future, he sets it up in fact. He knew that Thanos had to snap his fingers at that exact right time and under all these certain conditions for them to win. He’s setting up Captain Marvel’s return to Earth. I believe he’ll appear in the CM movie and tell Fury it is vital for him to carry around with him the pager to contact Captain Marvel. Nick Fury, knowing about Steven Strange lists him as an ally to shield which of course is how Hydra knows about him despite him being a neurosurgeon (anyone who is an ally of SHIELD is a threat to HYDRA). He warns him of an event in the future refering to the people turning to dust without warning, this is why Fury’s instant reaction to seeing Maria Hill turn to ash was to run to the pager, but what our good friend Sorcerer Supreme didn’t mention was the fact that he does not survive hence the “Mother Fu…” at the very end. We should also take note that the way he says it isn’t paniced or scared, he’s confident that Strange knows what he’s doing. 

Det giver meget god mening, når man tænker på, at Nick Fury - selvom han jo er en badass - faktisk tager det ganske roligt, at verden omkring ham smuldrer ud i aske.

Det giver mening! Hvad tænker folket?

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