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Nina Daniele: Årets Playmate og forkæmper for Instagram-nøgenhed

LA-baseret model med fyldige former!

Navn: Nina Daniele

Alder: 29 år

Hjemsted: USA

Modeljobs: Playboy, Playmate of the Year 2018

Instagram: 173k følgere

Denne gang har vi fået den amerikanske L.A.-model under luppen. Hun er Playmate of the Year i 2018 og har ved siden af en grad i poesi og skrivekunst. Og via sin Instagram er hun ikke bange for at kæmpe imod nøgenhed-politikken på Instagram, hvor hun hyppigt poster nogle ret 'forbudte' ting. Vi har fundet de bedste skud - se med herunder:

A year ago I shot my first pictorial for @playboy & I knew exactly what to expect. I did my research, I studied and read the magazines, I knew not only would this be an experience of a lifetime but it would simultaneously be a lifetime experience; it would be exactly what I wanted it to be, the beginning of what I can now call my family. People ask me, ?Nina, why did you pose for Playboy?? And my answer is always the same, ?why wouldn?t I?? I have no stigma or reservations about my body, just what I put in it. The outside is the same as everyone else just dressed a bit different at times or carried a bit different at times. I think in society we are judged more before we strip than after and what I mean by that is this, what?s more vulnerable to me is expressing my ?SELF? in the HOW and not the AM. How I dress, how I act, how I speak, pose, love, think ... I am a woman like all women, I feel and bleed the same but HOW I AM is what?s judged and one can only judge when they have the material to do so, metaphorically and physically speaking. Being naked in front of the camera is what it is, it is the AM. It is the self that has nothing to hide behind, it is bare, a moment when the viewer has to make their own organic and original interpretation not influenced by the atmosphere, clothing, style, the little square box we shove ourselves in; it is the YOU in the general sense as in, it is you and it is me; in other words, the whole and complete form before it?s destroyed with what society deems appropriate or fitting. Whatever judgements one may have on MY form is a reflection of their SELF and that ain?t my problem... what I?m trying to say is this, we can all say it?s empowering, it?s about strength it?s about loving yourself and confidence, yes it is...but it?s also just about BEING who you are and having no shame in it, there is less fear in my naked body for me than my clothed one. So when given the opportunity to do so, I jumped right at it ... and here I am. Vote for me everyday by clicking the link in my bio and selecting my photo!! Thank you! I love you all! ?? #playboy #playmate #pmoy2018 #drama

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