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Se Aston Martins første SUV på snebane

Aston Martin DBX

James Bonds foretrukne bilmærke Aston Martin, arbejder hårdt på deres allerførste SUV. 

Modellen der indtil videre går under navnet Aston Martin DBX er godt undervejs, og under motorshowet i sidste uge, afslørede Aston Martin materiale fra deres testfaciliteter i det nordlige Sverige. 

“The Aston Martin DBX needs to be ready for a wide range of multi-terrain surfaces, so in addition to testing the car in normal day-to-day situations, we need to test it in extreme conditions such as these. Testing these prototypes in cold climate conditions helps us to assess the car’s early dynamics and crucially ensure confidence inspiring sure-footedness on low grip surfaces. This car propels Aston Martin into a new segment and our engineering team are enjoying the challenges of developing a quality luxury SUV experience through this robust testing schedule. Progress is on-track and I am confident that we will deliver over and above what our customers would expect from an Aston Martin SUV.” lyder det fra Aston Martins chefingeniør, Matt Becker. 


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