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Sons of Anarchy får både en prequel-serie og TO sequel-serier

Kurt Sutter får bikerne til at vende tilbage big time!

Vi vidste allerede sidst i 2017, at vi ville få en ny serie til Sons of Anarchy - Mayans MC, som fokuserede på den rivaliserende bikergruppe. 

I går fandt vi så ud af, at vi måske får TRE serier istedet!

Under et interview på Tom Arnolds podcast-serie 100% Honest fortalte skaberen Kurt Sutter, at han altid har drømt om, at Sons of Anarchy-universet skulle have fire kapitler. 

Den første serie var kapitel 1, Mayans MC bliver kapitel 2 - og de to sidste ville blive henholdsvis en sequel, som kigger efter hændelserne i sæson 7 og måske Jax' søn, mens den anden bliver en prequel, som måske kigger nærmere på Jax Tellers far John. 

Læs hele udkastet af hans beskrivelse af projektet herunder, og begynd så småt at glæde dig til mere biker-underholdning!

I have a sense of Sons being four chapters. If Sons was the first chapter, then I see the Mayans as the second chapter. [The new show is] present day, it’s after the death of Jax Teller. We’re going to play the reality of that last day and the events that happened with who he killed that day and the impact and perhaps the trickle down that may have had on Northern Cali. So it won’t have a direct impact on the Mayans but we make reference to it in the pilot so we can play the reality of it.

The third chapter then, would be the prequel, which would tell the story of Jax’s father returning home from Vietnam and helping form the motorcycle club. I think at some point we’ll find a way to shine a little light on perhaps on John Teller’s manuscript, if the Mayans, if we’re lucky enough to continue and then what I would do is not directly but I would use that as a potential launching point to do the prequel.

The First 9 — it would begin in Vietnam with John Teller and Piney Winston and it would be about them coming back to America and ideally to do each episode have a new member join but end it at the end of that so that maybe at that point Gemma’s there but it’s before Jax is born. I don’t want to step on the mythology that we know but we kind of lay track to the beginning and then stop.

Perhaps thinking ahead at some point, if any of us are still alive, there might be a series of events that takes us down the line into the future that perhaps sets up some kind of dynamic for Jax’s sons to become aware of who [their] dad was and things like that. That for me is the dream quartet if you will.”

Sons of Anarchy får både en prequel-serie og TO sequel-serier

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