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Bodypaint overload: Fra superbabe til superhelt

Der er ingen tvivl om, at Ryan Reynolds gør det perfekt i rollen som Deadpool, men måske man alligevel burde overveje at skifte ham ud med hende her i Deadpool 2?

Bodypaint overload: Fra superbabe til superhelt

Det er tydeligt at se, at Caroline Wozniacki pludselig er blevet endnu mere interessant, efter at billederne af hendes nøgne, body-paintede krop forleden blev offentliggjort i den nye udgave af Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Der er heller ingen tvivl om, at Ryan Reynolds har genvundet de fleste superheltefans' hjerter med sin rolle som Deadpool i filmen af samme navn. Men hvad ville du sige til, hvis man nu kunne kombinere de to ting? Du behøver ikke at svare. Bare bliv ved med at scrolle lidt længere nedad.

Nu er det jo allerede blevet bekræftet, at der kommer en sequel til Deadpool - igen med Tim Miller som instruktør og med Ryan Reynolds i hovedrollen. En helt okay beslutning, ikke?

Og dog... For vi så gerne, at Miller havde valgt en kvindelig hovedrolle til sin nye film. Og her ville Kay Pike bestemt ikke være et dårligt bud!


There has been a distinct lack of Non-Cosplay Photos of Kay! Enjoy the Novelty! Marvel in the minimalism! haha Got my hair done today @edgessalon by @patrickdeckerlane and I couldn't be happier. And a reminder to you that life isn't one project after another. Slow down for a minute and appreciate who you are and how far you've come. Stop and smell the roses. Treat yourself like a friend. #new #newhair #avatar #selfie #profilepic #selfportrait #headshot #everyday #profile #hairstylist #hairstyle #EdgesExperience #EdgesByPatrick #yyc #calgary #hair #hairstylist #longhair #longhairdontcare #healthyhair #instahair #blonde #blond #blondehair #fashion #model #modeling

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For de af jer, der endnu ikke ved, hvem Kay Pike er, kan vi fortælle, at hun er en kendt designer, cosplayer (en der klæder sig ud som f.eks. filmfigurer) og model. Hun er dermed også en kvinde, vi er faldet pladask for, hvilket vi ikke behøver at begrunde. I stedet vil vi blot give jer en lille smagsprøve på, hvorfor hun er så super sexet.

Den helteskønne Kay Pike klæder sig i nedenstående video, som hun selv har lagt ud på sin Facebook-profil, ud som en kvindelig udgave af Deadpool. Eller... Det kan diskuteres, hvorvidt der er tale om, at hun er "klædt ud", da hun i realiteten absolut intet tøj har på, men er smurt ind i en god omgang krigsmaling - som er som taget ud af en tegneserie. 


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Deadpool er dog ikke den eneste superhelt, som Kay Pike har malet sig selv som. Herunder kan du se et udpluk fra hendes Instagram-profil.

Captain Canuck


Captain Canuck Bodypaint I painted on! Here is the replay and Give a follow <3 as I'll be painting tomorrow in a special speed run paint, my goal is keep it under 6 hours! :D Captain Canuck is our Canadian superhero. He has been around since the seventies so he's been a thing here for a while! If you've been to a comic convention in Canada you've probably Met Richard Comely, the writer. He's a really nice guy! For those of you that don't know Captain Canuck you should check out the reboot web series on youtube Otherwise feel free to speculate on "super powers" in the comments, I heard some hilarious guesses on what a Canadian super hero can do in the chat on twitch yesterday XD #captaincanuck @captaincanuck #canadian #canada #comics #red #white #canada #comic #illusion@tatianamaslany @supervandie @amoz76 @ajayfry @canada @twitch @c4_winnipeg @kryolanofficial @northernfancon @calgaryexpo @mehronmakeup @mehroncanada #makeup #bodypaint #bodyart #painting #yyc #calgary #makeupartist #canuck #twitchtv #twitch #hero #comichero #mua #paint #art @yycnow @calgaryarts @yycdesigns @globalcalgary @calgary.ab @calgaryherald #flag #costume #cosplay #cospaint

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Captain Planet


This is the Captain Planet Bodypaint I painted on Tuesday night! "We need a super hero for the Earth. Let's call him Captain Planet" No other cartoon I watched as a child has had as much impact on my day-to-day adult life. This show respected it's audience. It was a ridiculous cartoon, yes BUT it got a young persons mind thinking about more going on in the world, not just the TV in front of them. This show handles and delivered to kids way more mature topics then any got anywhere else. Disease, desolation of species, environmental impact, racism, cultural-ism, economic and political issues etc. We got SO much more out of this show then others presented to us. I like being engaged with the real world. and Captain Planet really is my hero. :) #captainplanet #planeteers #eco #ecofriendly #environment #green #planet #earth #superhero #power#retro #cartoon #90s @twitch #twitchcreative #artist  #creative #art #paint #painting  #bodyart #illusion #opticalillusion #facepaint #facepainting #mua #bodypaint #makeup @kryolanofficial #paradisemakeupaq #mehron #mehronmakeup @mehronmakeup @mehroncanada PS. So many of you were asking in stream so here a special make-up hint I made this ridiculous florescent turquoise skintone that was soooo violent and radio-active looking on camera "Captain Planet Cyan" with 1 part Paradise Teal 1 Part Lt.Blue + 4-5 parts white.

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This was a colossal effort and what I streamed on last night.. for 15 hours I really really wanted to get the chest illusion down. I worked so hard, its my Achilles heel of my paints always. Definitely my most in-depth piece and what I decided to take the most time on so far.  I have been wanting to paint the beautiful and majestic colossus since day 1 of streaming and finally got to paint one of everyone favourite x-men. As we all are I am very excited for the #deadpool #movie, I have already been deadpool.. So I'm extra stocked to be colossus!  I hope with all my heart you enjoy Colossus, and that he inspires novelty and wonder in you as well!  #colossus #bodypaint #yyc #makeup #mua #yyc @mehronmakeup #xmen #marvel #marvelcomics @stefankapicic @xmenmovies @xmengeek @xmenewsdaily @otaku_epic_cosplay @comictoons@cosplay_and_comics @badasscosplay @cosplay_only @galacticgamer_ @marvel @marvel_pics @marvel.arts @deadpoolmovie @bodypaint_magazine

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Bizarro-Girl I painted on last night! This bodypaint was lovely, I got excited to do a Bizarro. AM HATE BIZARRO. The paint took about 13 hours to complete, I tried so very hard to get the broken mirror skin look right. So much love. I would like to say that I'm painting characters I really find beautiful (not producing bodypaints) with the love I get for the effort comic artists put into their work, my obsession with light and shadow, "In it for the art" allows for time to fly soooo fast XD Had a lot of fun with the fan during the photoshoot. This paint was a suggestion in my livestream as character with the same hair colour as me.. Reminded me of the Htrae!  Seriously though the Bizarros are really fun and cool plot devices and one of the best moves by DC. But will we see her in Supergirl? #bizarrogirl #Htrae #bizarroworld#injusticeleague #dc #dccomics @dccomics #supergirl @supergirlofficial @melissabenoist @andrewkreisberg @gberlanti #comic #comicbook #tv #drawing #art #artist #paint #painting #yyc #twitch #twitchcreative @twitch @mehronmakeup #cospaint #cosplay #cosplayer #bodypaint #bodyart #body @dcgramm

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Remember me crying as robin on ... you remember the bat dance. We all do Sweet sweet robin tears. That was an emotional day. So #happiness #explosion. This is Tim Drake trying out Dickie's hairstyle witch is many levels of ironic if you remember Tims' character, he wanted to be red robin to specifically not be Jason?But in my version he is Richard curious. This was a lot of fun and I pushed myself beyond my stamina and actually had NO life meter at the end (you can see what that looks like) I'm not sponsored in any-way but I found an awesome red that actually didn't upset me. Beach Berry #paradise by #mehron @mehroncanada life is good. #robin #timdrake #dickgrayson #burtward #gotham  #batman #adamwest #timburton #dc #dccomics @batman @timburtonmovies @geoffjohnsdc @dccomics @dcentertainment @batman.official@thenealadams @jimleeart @kryolanofficial @mehronmakeup #twitch #twitchcreative #creative  #makeup #bodypaint #bodyart #paint #art #artist #cospaint #cosplay #cosplayer #yyc @twitch

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Spiderman Paint streamed last night from ! Peter Parker what a goof. Sorry about going down for a few hours yesterday there! We are pioneers on the internet, the staff got it all sorted out and there are many mutual loves ^ ^ In fact, shoutout: MonkeyOnStrike had the idea to poll which bodypaint I should do this week! Going shopping tomorrow so get your votes in! Boy oh boy this was the learning experience, @lustredust came over to do another tandem paint! She did a Carnage!  it's a beautiful paint, please check it out! I tried some new kinds of paint and am experimenting with three different brands right now. The learning curve is wicked steep with this game. OH actually got the bald cap on properly this time, AND had way more success in the androgyny department.#spiderman #amazingspiderman #peterparker #dailybugle @marvel #twitchcreative @twitch  #video #chat #makeup #bodypaint #bodyart @mehronmakeup @marvel.arts @marvel_pics @marvel_entertainment #marvel #marvelcomics #yyc @monkeyonstrike

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